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[25 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | 1,042 views]

Well, it’s a grand name: Time and Meaning, but it prompted the outbreak group I attended today (Tuesday) to come up with some very interesting discussions. Which are hard to summarise here because it was one morning plus one afternoon…

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[25 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | 2,157 views]
Dagstuhl Multimodal Music Processing: Geoffroy Peeters and Copy and Scale

Possibly the most interesting thing I saw today (Monday) was a presentation by Geoffroy Peeters (left in the photo, playing trumpet accompanied by Gaël Richard) of his copy and scale method. It is similar to something I saw at…

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[22 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | 918 views]

I just realised I’d never really linked to this — a nice introduction to what I did for my PhD, for people who don’t care about the details, maybe most of you. The said article also appeared in the…

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[9 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | 1,790 views]
http://www.musopen.org : out-of-copyright music for free

I just stumbled across this in the Kickstarter Hall of Fame: the musopen project, they seem to make any music they have available to anyone, five pieces a day. Or you can pay and get lossless downloads as…

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[30 Dez 2010 | Comments Off | 3,046 views]
http://tarsos.0110.be : Joren Six and Pitch Scale Analysis with Tarsos

Joren has always got good stories to tell and a head full of devilish ideas – his website is proof of that (and so is its URL). For MIR lovers it’s interesting to note that he’s teamed up with…

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[14 Dez 2010 | Comments Off | 801 views]
Crowd creativity judgement day at DarwinTunes.org/post-experiment-survey

Well, it seems DarwinTunes.org has not done all so badly: there are actually some pleasant-sounding loops to be found at the post-experiment-survey site.

An individual DarwinTune evolves based on the preferences of whoever wants to vote for or against…

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[3 Dez 2010 | 2 Comments | 1,139 views]
software-carpentry.org: for not-yet-real-programmer scientists

Wow, I just stumbled across this via the Soundsoftware site! A huge set of neatly explained programming tips for scientists. I think this is very close to “made for me”! software-carpentry.org even has lots of videos. Their focus…

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[30 Nov 2010 | Comments Off | 1,199 views]
Podcastle: automatic speech recognition, and you!

In the photo: Masataka Goto (right) explaining the speech-recognition web service Podcastle to Katy Noland.

I can’t hide being impressed by Podcastle (http://podcastle.jp/). It’s a web-crawling speech recognizer that munches whole podcast series and provides you with a transcription.…

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[15 Nov 2010 | Comments Off | 1,133 views]
visit at the Sagayama/Ono Lab

Katy Noland and I had the chance to visit the Sagayama & Ono Lab at the University of Tokyo today. We were very impressed by the research that was presented to us.
Sagayama-sensei showed us the new interface…

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[2 Nov 2010 | Comments Off | 705 views]
A glistening autumn day in Tsukuba

Hope I don’t bore you with this more private note. It’s the most glorious of days today, a truly glistening autumn day. Mount Tsukuba seems to be in the front yard, and even Mount Fuji can be seen from my…