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[11 Apr 2014 | Comments Off | 1,995 views]

I had this code lying around for a long time, and nothing happened to it, so I thought I might just as well give it away so that people can try it out. It is based on my thesis…

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[3 Apr 2014 | Comments Off | 2,117 views]
Tony software presented at the SEMPRE conference

Today I presented Tony, the melody annotation software developed by Chris Cannam, George Fazekas and myself, at this year’s Conference of the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research.

Excitingly, this is now the much improved version…

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[6 Jan 2014 | Comments Off | 1,568 views]

I’d already sent it out to the world on Twitter and the music-ir list, but here’s just a quick note to say that there’s quite a lot of new software out from me and the C4DM at large. Four different…

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[25 Nov 2013 | Comments Off | 1,346 views]
Funded PhD position: Signal Processing and Data Mining Tools for the Analysis of Musical Evolution

I’m very lucky to be able to offer a funded PhD position for next year, in combined MIR and evolutionary music analysis. So if you know someone who’d be a good fit, let them know! They will be based here…

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[27 Sep 2013 | Comments Off | 1,268 views]
DarwinTunes 2.0 Revealed Today

There’s a new DarwinTunes, and we’re going to reveal it today at the Discovery Festival in the Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven.

So what is DarwinTunes 2.0? It’s a music evolution machine, wrapped into a shiny web app, in which…

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[16 Sep 2013 | Comments Off | 974 views]

Watch me talk about our work on the Evolution of Music by Public Choice in this interview with FACULTI. It’s mainly a pop science view on our paper (available here). I think they did a good job at…

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[7 Sep 2013 | Comments Off | 1,426 views]
Songle and Songrium with YouTube content

AIST have gone a step further with Songle.jp, including YouTube content. Previously only less mainstream music from SoundCloud and independent MP3 sources and the Vocaloid community could be found on the site. Songle is a miraculous shop window for Music…

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[18 Feb 2013 | Comments Off | 1,815 views]
Descent of Pop — Irish radio interview

I just had the most pleasant radio interview with Sean Moncrieff of Newstalk Radio, Dublin. From what I can tell it’s a great, interesting show in general, endorsed by the Open University. I seem to have got my point…

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[18 Feb 2013 | Comments Off | 1,269 views]
Vocal/instrumental activity ground truth data

I thought it might be high time to remind the world of the ground truth data (zip archive here) that my colleagues at AIST and I annotated, and which accompanies my paper on vocal/instrumental solo detection. On the…

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[5 Feb 2013 | Comments Off | 3,506 views]
Descent of Pop: help us out listening to music

I’ve been involved in measuring the evolution of the charts for quite a while (at Last.fm, see the Anatomy of the Charts), and we’re opening a new chapter now. That new chapter needs your help! We want to dump…