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[11 Jan 2015 | Comments Off | 162 views]
Anatomy of the UK Charts

I’ve finally found a new home for the series of 5 blog posts called the “Anatomy of the Charts”, which I wrote in 2011 during my stay as a Research Fellow at Last.fm. In 2011 I’d started thinking about the…

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[19 Okt 2014 | Comments Off | 372 views]
Talk at Tokyo University of the Arts

On Friday I had the pleasure of giving a talk about my research at the institute for musicology at the Tokyo University of the Arts just next to beautiful Ueno Park. Pat Savage, who studies for a PhD in comparative musicology…

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[2 Aug 2014 | Comments Off | 263 views]

I’ve thrown together a little website, POETRY // CHAIN, which in theory should be quite fun — if at least some people use it. You can browse mini poems (up to 111 characters) and contribute your changes and improvements…

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[19 Jul 2014 | Comments Off | 1,820 views]

Abstract. We propose a novel method for automatic drum transcription from audio that achieves the recognition of individual drums by classifying bar-level drum patterns. Automatic drum transcription has to date been tackled by recognising individual drums or drum combinations. In…

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[14 Jul 2014 | Comments Off | 353 views]

I’m happy to let you know that a paper I co-authored with lead authors Daniel Stoller and Igor Vatolkin as well as senior author Claus Weihs, all from the TU Dortmund has been awarded a Best Paper Award at…

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[19 Mai 2014 | Comments Off | 938 views]
Intonation in Unaccompanied Singing: Accuracy, Drift and a Model of Reference Pitch Memory

The preprint of our singing intonation paper is now available! Enjoy!
[Edit: now published here]

This paper presents a study on intonation and intonation drift in unaccompanied singing and proposes a simple model of reference pitch memory…

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[29 Apr 2014 | Comments Off | 2,322 views]

Well, it’s not really news, but I thought I might say it again, since I hadn’t really written a dedicated blog post on Segmentino: Segmentino segments songs into segments. Also I finally got round to making a lil Segmentino…

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[11 Apr 2014 | Comments Off | 733 views]

I had this code lying around for a long time, and nothing happened to it, so I thought I might just as well give it away so that people can try it out. It is based on my thesis…

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[3 Apr 2014 | Comments Off | 763 views]
Tony software presented at the SEMPRE conference

Today I presented Tony, the melody annotation software developed by Chris Cannam, George Fazekas and myself, at this year’s Conference of the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research.

Excitingly, this is now the much improved version…

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[6 Jan 2014 | Comments Off | 772 views]

I’d already sent it out to the world on Twitter and the music-ir list, but here’s just a quick note to say that there’s quite a lot of new software out from me and the C4DM at large. Four different…