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[17 Dez 2010 | Comments Off | 1,498 views]
Chordino, QM Plugins and more code now on https://code.soundsoftware.ac.uk

I think I’m already a fan of the new code.soundsoftware.ac.uk. Just launched and there’s already quite cool stuff on there. Of course, my own Chordino project, but also Matthew Davies’s beattracking evaluation, the whole Sonic Visualiser, Sonic…

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[7 Dez 2010 | Comments Off | 1,083 views]

It may have been a parameter that you would not want to change (spectral shape), but at least now you can, after the bug fix. Chordino 0.2 becomes Chordino 0.2.1. Available at http://isophonics.net/nnls-chroma
Also: minor fix to the consonance…

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[5 Dez 2010 | Comments Off | 3,962 views]

We had a great time scrambling together our Japanese: Katy and I tested Podcastle.jp by feeding it with our own audio — in bloomin Japanese. And the result is: it works! You only need a podcast (best with a RSS…

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[21 Okt 2010 | Comments Off | 1,071 views]

Have you listened to some Mozart recently? I hadn’t, but somehow I just felt I wanted to. This is, of course, a sign of ageing, but as long as your fine with that it may be a nice refreshing experience.…