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[7 Sep 2013 | Comments Off | 337 views]
Songle and Songrium with YouTube content

AIST have gone a step further with Songle.jp, including YouTube content. Previously only less mainstream music from SoundCloud and independent MP3 sources and the Vocaloid community could be found on the site. Songle is a miraculous shop window for Music…

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[31 Aug 2013 | Comments Off | 451 views]
Visiting AIST

Only a few days and I’ll be back at AIST in Japan, working with Masataka Goto again — but this time it’ll be for six weeks only. I’m quite looking forward to it, not only because I will meet and…

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[9 Dez 2010 | Comments Off | 411 views]

Among all the researchers I personally know, maybe Tommie generates the most mass interest – with his VocaListener technology. While I have to be happy if a couple of hundred people watch my videos, Tommie’s research attracts tens of thousands!…

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[30 Nov 2010 | Comments Off | 601 views]
Podcastle: automatic speech recognition, and you!

In the photo: Masataka Goto (right) explaining the speech-recognition web service Podcastle to Katy Noland.

I can’t hide being impressed by Podcastle (http://podcastle.jp/). It’s a web-crawling speech recognizer that munches whole podcast series and provides you with a transcription.…

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[25 Nov 2010 | Comments Off | 377 views]
Double Bass and Probability: Hiromasa Fujihara

The borderline between music and speech processing is Hiromasa’s scientific home. As is customary in speech processing, he has a very pragmatic approach to probability theory, which sounds a bit like me, but I think Hiromasa is actually much better…