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“Why singing is interesting”

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I’ve had the privilege to co-present a tutorial on “Why singing is interesting” with Simon Dixon and Masataka Goto this Monday (26th October, 2015) at the ISMIR 2015 conference. Check the slides here. I include our abstract below.

The proposed tutorial aims to introduce to the ISMIR community the exciting world of singing styles, the mechanisms of the singing voice, and provide a guide to representations, engineering tools, and methods for analyzing and leveraging it. The singing voice is arguably the most expressive of all musical instruments, and all popular music cultures around the world use singing. Across disciplines, a lot is known about singing culture and the intricate physiological and psychological mechanisms of singing, but this knowledge is not exploited enough in much of the music information retrieval literature.

The three parts of the tutorial (one hour each) are designed to remedy this: an introduction to singing styles, techniques and forms around the world including a short introduction to the psychology of singing, a practical guide to the analysis of singing using music informatics tools, and an overview over various systems for singing information processing.

Our aim is for music information retrieval specialists to walk away with a newly sparked passion for singing, and ideas of how to use our knowledge of singing, and singing information processing, to create new, exciting research.

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