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Anatomy of the UK Charts

BIBTEX   11 Januar 2015 1,527 views No Comment
Publication authored by Matthias Mauch.

I’ve finally found a new home for the series of 5 blog posts called the “Anatomy of the Charts”, which I wrote in 2011 during my stay as a Research Fellow at Last.fm. In 2011 I’d started thinking about the evolution of music, and Last.fm provided the chance to analyse some really exciting data: more than 15,000 recordings from 50 years of UK charts. There was little scope for properly scientific work then, but Last.fm gave me the freedom to write about this on their blog, and my team lead at the time, Mark Levy, helped as well. This resulted in the series of 5 blog posts investigating different musical dimensions in a data-driven, but entertaining way—or so I hope. Sadly, as time went on, some image and text on Last.fm servers disappeared, and the original blog (e.g. here) looked less and less as it was supposed to. At its new location, many images are restored, so I hope you will enjoy the reading once more. The new, centralised location also allows the resource to be referenced.

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