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Tony software presented at the SEMPRE conference

3 April 2014 2,118 views No Comment

Today I presented Tony, the melody annotation software developed by Chris Cannam, George Fazekas and myself, at this year’s Conference of the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research.

Excitingly, this is now the much improved version 0.5, and Chris managed to put new builds of Tony up on the project’s Download page.

I had a relatively small audience, maybe 25 people, but reception was generally good, with some people being very excited. Not sure what this means. I hope some people will start using Tony soon.

I uploaded my slides here.

The conference itself is different from what I’m used to usually. Obviously, it’s focused on education, and there’s actually quite a lot of technology going on. So it’s quite funny to be at a music technology conference where there is essentially no-one I know!

Thanks to Chris and George, but also, for their invaluable input: Rachel Bittner, Justin Salamon and Juan Pablo Bello at NYU.

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