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Chordino YouTube Hits

11 Juli 2013 1,011 views No Comment

Thousands of views — I’m surprised! After a long while of not having thought much of Chordino I checked back to see how the videos I made did on YouTube. Well, I can tell you that they didn’t go viral as such (what defines viral, actually?), but I was very pleased to see that my video on how to install the Chordino plugin in Sonic Visualiser had actually got more than 7,000 views. And, more surprising still, someone had made a new video about Chordino (independently of me, but featured alongside this blog post now) with yet more views (more than 13,000 at the time of writing). Arnulfo Huerta even made a playlist of four of my videos about Chordino. Charming, thanks to all viewers and video peoplez!

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