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Songle with SoundCloud content

10 September 2012 2,191 views No Comment

Our Songle.jp web service for interactive music analysis and annotation can now analyse and playback PIAPRO and SoundCloud content. This great new development from my old research group around Masataka Goto at AIST in Japan means that the number of interesting music tracks that are supported has multiplied. Previously the system relied on content that was stored in freely available and directly linked audio files, so in practice the content was mainly low quality … and usually also Japanese.
Now, exciting new possibilities arise, and I’ve already registered a few new songs from SoundCloud, e.g. this version of Thriller.
You can log in to Songle using OpenID, or simply use your Twitter, Yahoo, or Google account. Once logged in, you can register a SoundCloud song URL on the Songle song registration site.

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