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Yanno — Chordino chord transcription for YouTube

13 März 2012 3,564 views 2 Comments

A big thanks to Dan Stowell for making the brilliant Yanno web application, which uses my Chordino Vamp plugin to extract the chords of any YouTube video you like. For example, say you find a video of Help!, then you can click a special bookmark (as explained on the Yanno page) and what you get is a web site with the chord transcription showing alongside the video. Now, everyone who follows the music information retrieval publication circuit just a little bit has ample opportunity to witness that chord transcription is not nearly perfect yet, and Chordino isn’t even state-of-the-art! (It was always going to be only a simple chord estimator on top of NNLS Chroma.) So don’t expect miracles, but it might just be a little bit useful. I’m loving it, I must admit, I’ve probably submitted more requests than anyone else.
Since Yanno is a developed as a prototype teaching tool for schools as part of Simon Dixon’s Musicology for the Masses project, Dan has not put the main emphasis on making a shiny user interface. I hope that as time goes on, someone (maybe Dan, or me, or someone else) will make the page more user-friendly and faster.


  • zac said:

    hey, i am trying to make a similar project for my thesis. can you tell me what i need in order to create a music information retrieval project?

    I am trying to create an automatic guitar tablature transcriber.

    hoping to get a reply soon.

    thank you

  • Matthias Mauch (author) said:

    Hi zac, Thanks for your interest! Best thing is to drop me an email (see ABOUT ME page) describing what kind of project (Master/Bachelor/PhD/…?) you have in mind, what institution you’re at etc. Then I (or Dan, the author of Yanno) might be able to help you. M