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Visualisation Workshop at King’s College

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Publication authored by Matthias Mauch.

I was invited by Dan Tidhar to present at last week’s visualisation workshop at King’s. It’s been a very pleasant experience, and and we discussed quite a broad range of topics, triggered by the different presentations. Mine was possibly the least interesting one, I just gave an overview over what kind of visualisations my work has produced over the last few years.


my slides,

Audio Flowers,

NNLS Chroma,

Song Prompter.

We also got a nice overview from Elaine Chew about her work of the last decade or so, King’s resident artist Michael Takeo Magruder showed us his techy visualisation techniques, in which he tries to keep the data “pure”. The most junior presenter was Mats Küssner. In what was maybe the most interesting presentation (from my point of view) Mats reported his results of a experiment in which people were asked to draw pitch and loudness of a sound on a pad. Especially the differing behaviours of musicians vs. non-musicians came quite unexpected. Beautiful research.

There were other attendees from the Natural History Museum, and University College, hope I can confirm the names soon.

In general, well done to Dan Tidhar and Daniel Leech Wilkinson for organising this, I really enjoyed it!

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