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Errata: Timbre and Melody Features…

26 Oktober 2011 1,654 views No Comment

In the heat of the moment I’ve got two things wrong in my paper entitled Timbre and Melody Features for the Recognition of Vocal Activity and Instrumental Solos in Polyphonic Music. First of all I apologise to Ferdinand Fuhrmann, Perfecto Herrera and Xavier Serra for not noticing their paper

Detecting Solo Phrases in Music Using Spectral and Pitch-related Descriptors. Journal of New Music Research, 38(4), 343-356.

Hence, contrary to what we state in our paper, we are not the first ones to have tackled solo activity detection. We might still be the first ones to have done it on popular music data, and I hope that we have added some valid contributions to the task.

Secondly, there is two sentences from the original submission that I failed to delete in the camera-ready version. They are “Note, however, that the precision ranking of the individual features is different from the vocal case, where the F feature was best and the {M} and R features showed very similar performance: the method using the R feature alone is now substantially better than that of the simple MFCC feature {M}, suggesting that using the isolated timbre of the solo melody is a decisive advantage.” These are not a valid interpretation of the data.

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