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Chord Ground Truth from NY and McGill — partly with NNLS Chroma

27 Oktober 2011 1,307 views No Comment

Both McGill and New York University have announced the release of separate new chord ground truth data sets. Taemin Cho of New York University announced around 300 songs, among which all the RWC pop song collection. The data is going to live partly on the existing RWC website. Ashley Burgoyne presented a set of 1000 songs from the billboard charts, 500 of which are published immediately, and 500 will follow in staggered chunks over the next few years in order to allow for unbiased testing. The data is available on a dedicated website, and what’s coolest is that they provide both Echonest and my very own NNLS Chroma features along with the symbolic chord data, so that people can immediately go do stuff with them, even if they don’t own the audio. Cool beans!

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