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NNLS Chroma and Chordino Vamp plugins

28 Oktober 2010 8,222 views No Comment
Publication authored by Matthias Mauch and Chris Cannam.

I’m really glad that Chris Cannam from the Centre for Digital Music recently asked me to publish some of my research code I developed there as open source software… we proudly present NNLS Chroma and Chordino! While NNLS-Chroma may be enjoyed be some researchers, I think it’s the simple chord estimator Chordino that will be most interesting to normal people: it’s a free, easy to install chord extraction plugin (ready to go for Windows and Mac OSX)! You can use it, for example, in Sonic Visualiser, which is also free and very easy to install.

Have a look at my Software page on this website, or directly at isophonics.net!

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